Our Services

Learn about our wide range of allergy and asthma health services. We specialize in the treatment of allergy and asthma in adults and children.  We offer and provide services in the following areas:

Allergic Rhinitis
      Mold Allergy
      Animal Allergy
      Dust/Dust Mite Allergy
      Pollen Allergy
Allergy Skin Testing (environment)

Runny/Stuffy Nose
Food Allergies
Allergic Conjunctivitis
Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis

Bronchial Asthma
Exercise Induced Asthma
Cough Variant Asthma
Xolair Treatment
Pulmonary Function Test

Stinging Insect Allergy


Allergic Sinus Conditions
Recurrent Respiratory Infections

(Learn more about the above diseases at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology)

During your initial visit to our office, a detailed history focusing on symptoms, specific aggravators, prior and present treatment and an environmental survey of home and work/school exposures will be obtained.  If skin tests are required, they are often performed to determine and or confirm your specific allergies . Skin tests are done by the prick  and intradermal method and may take 1- 3 visits.  Laboratory studies may also be required. Results of all tests are reviewed at the end of the visit and  treatment is discussed with you and communicated to your referring physician.  We review all current medicines, discuss your health concerns  on follow up visits as well. As a consultant, we will work closely with you and your primary care physician. Your primary care physician will continue to treat and manage any acute or urgent problems which may arise.

You have our commitment and with your participation in your health care will help us provide you with the best results. We value your trust and confidence in our care.  We look forward to the opportunity of providing you with the finest allergy care as possible.

Thank you for choosing Allergy and Asthma Healthcare Clinic.

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